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Portfolio Assignment - Promotion

Pass Level:
  1. List the promotional materials and promotional techniques used by The Deep.
  2. Describe the main promotional techniques used to promote The Deep.
  3. Describe the main promotional materials used to market The Deep. It is highly recommended that you annotate (add labels that describe the main features of each item of promotional material). You can do this by sticking promotional materials onto a large piece of paper and adding labels. Any promotional material that you describe must be included in your investigation.
Merit Level:
  1. Explain the reasons for the use of each promotional material and technique - why has it been used?
  2. Analyse the effectiveness of the promotional materials. This means making comments on:
  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action
  • Layout
  • Colour (Red = drama, impacts, attention / Blue = young, calm, sporty, wealthy, water / Green = nature, EXPENSIVE, spring / Yellow = cheap, cheerful, happy)
  • Information on the benefits to customers
  • Images
  • Headline / Illustration / Copy / Logo / white Space / Border
Distinction Level: Detailed analysis and descriptions are required. When discussing the effectiveness of promotional activities and materials you should voice your own opinions as well as those of the staff and customers about the effectiveness of promotional materials. Make your own judgement about the success of the organisations promotional activities and materials. You need to explain how you would evaluate the success of the organisation's promotional techniques and materials e.g. market research etc. Distinction level students will refer to the potential use of other techniques/materials.



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