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Portfolio Assignment

Having completed your exam you now need to produce work for your portfolio. This work will be assessed and the marks will go towards your final grade. The organisation you are going to focus on is The Deep. You will complete two main activities:

1. An investigation into the marketing activities of The Deep
2. The production of promotional material for The Deep, aimed at a particular target market

I will set a series of deadlines for you to complete various aspects of this assignment. However, the final dead line for this assignment is Thursday 25th July 2002. It is very important that you stick to these deadlines. If you start to fall behind you will struggle to complete the assignment. The work you submit must be your own. You can also download an outline of presentation by Kate Hare of The Deep here.

In order to complete your portfolio assignment you should use your assignment brief. If neccessary you can download a copy of it here. The menu below offers more support if you need it:

An investigation into the marketing activities of The Deep

You are to produce a report into the marketing activities of The Deep. The report should contain the following key areas:

The production of promotional material for The Deep

When producing promotional materials you must use IT wherever possible to enhance the quality of the materials.

Pass An item of promotional material that provides information in a way that is suitable for the target market

Merit Promotional material that shows imagination and is accurately presented and appropriate for its target audience You can show imagination by using original or adapted ideas, but not by copying from other promotional materials. Accurate presentation means no spelling mistakes and complete and correct information (for examples prices, telephone numbers). In order to be appropriate for its target audience, the material should show some evidence of matching images, graphics, wording and content to the audience (e.g. example photographs of people taking part in an activity usually show people of a similar age to the target market).

Distinction A high quality item of promotional material.

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Portfolio Assignment

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