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Unit 1 - Investigating Leisure and Tourism

  • What is leisure and tourism?
  • The leisure industry and its facilities
  • How does transport affect leisure and tourism activities?
Marketing in Leisure and Tourism
What is marketing?
Marketing involves getting the right product to the right person at the right place at the right time at the right price.
What is the function of marketing?

There are many different reasons why leisure and tourism organisations complete marketing. These reasons or functions include:

  • analysing the needs of new or existing customers
  • introducing promotional activities and sales campaigns
  • evaluating promotional campaigns to see if they are successful
  • developing and testing new services or produce

Unit 2 - Marketing in Leisure and Tourism


Unit 3 - Exploring Customer Service

  • Why is customer service important?
  • Presenting yourself to the customer
  • Customers and their needs
  • Customer care