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Unit 1 - Investigating Leisure and Tourism

  • What is leisure and tourism?
  • The leisure industry and its facilities
  • How does transport affect leisure and tourism activities?
Woodford Leisure Centre Visit on 09/10/01
On Tuesday 9th October 2001 Year 10 GNVQ Leisure and Tourism students at Isaac Newton School visited Woodford Leisure Centre, Holderness Road, Hull. The purpose of the visit was to investigate marketing and customer services.
Woodford Photogallery
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The team outside of Woodford.
The main entrance to Woodford.
The welcome board in the entrance of Woodford.
The main reception desk at Woodford.
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Customer service information display
Customer views and comments board.
An example of a questionnaire and its main findings.
A vending machine selling a range of point of sale items.
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The students in the squash viewing area.
One of the main squash courts
New tanning facilities
The sauna
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The gymnasium
The newly opened fitness gym
A range of machines available at the gym.
The creche facilities offered by Woodford.
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The entrance to Oasis Lounge Bar.
The cafe facilities The students quiz Mr  
[click here to visit Woodford Leisure Centre online]
Visit the official Woodford Leisure Centre web site to gather further background information about the facility and the products and services available.

Unit 2 - Promotion in Leisure and Tourism

  • What is marketing?
  • What is promotion?
  • What are the 8 main types of promotion?
  • What are the main types of promotional materials?
  • What are the eye-catching ways of presenting promotional materials?
  • What is AIDA

Unit 3 - Exploring Customer Service

  • Why is customer service important?
  • Presenting yourself to the customer
  • Customers and their needs
  • Customer care